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How Do Mobile Mechanics Handle Payment?

A mobile mechanic can be a great option for customers who have trouble finding a mechanic shop in their area or simply don’t want to bring their car to a garage. However, the convenience of this service does come at a cost. Read on to learn how mobile mechanics in Perth handle payment so that you can make the best decision for your vehicle and your budget.

Cost of repairs – Generally, mobile car service Perth charge less than traditional shops for minor repairs, but this price is based on several factors. The location of the repair, the parts needed, and the specificity of the problem can all add up to a higher price tag. In addition, a repair that requires specialised tools or materials may also add to the cost of the repair.

Reputation of the mechanic – As a customer, you should be able to trust the mobile mechanic you hire and expect them to treat your car with respect. If you find that a mechanic arrives late without notifying you, or is rude to you in any way, it’s probably time to look for another option.

Qualifications and permits – In addition to general qualifications, you will need to have an appropriate permit or license for the work that you do. There are several types of licences that cover a variety of skills and qualifications, from light vehicles to commercial and industrial machinery.

Invoices – With a mobile mechanic business, invoicing is essential to getting paid faster. Luckily, Tradify’s software solution for mechanic businesses is designed to reduce the amount of admin you have to do and give your clients the ability to pay their invoices securely online — from anywhere!

Mechanic Websites – When starting your own mobile mechanic business, you’ll need a website that shows off your services and allows you to attract more clients. Easily create a professional mobile mechanic website in minutes.

Payments – A mobile mechanic will need a way to accept payments, so be sure to invest in a good credit card reader that plugs into your phone and can be used through an app. The compact Square Reader is an excellent choice, and it comes with a free mobile app so you can accept payments on the go!

Insurance – If you are hiring a mobile mechanic for the first time, be sure to ask if they offer insurance. Many mobile mechanics offer coverage in the event of an accident or a breakdown, which can be especially helpful if you are traveling and not able to find a traditional shop or garage near your destination.

If you have a passion for cars and are looking for a flexible and profitable business, then a mobile mechanic business could be the perfect fit for you. Not only do they provide a convenient service, but their prices are often lower than traditional mechanic shops.







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